Family Governance

To ensure family wealth survives beyond the third generation, GMLL offers experienced guidance to help you navigate the many complexities associated with wealth. Through a deep understanding of your family’s unique needs, goals, and the interpersonal family dynamics, GMLL provides the necessary support to successfully facilitate the transfer of financial and human capital from one generation to the next.



·      Establishment of Family Constitution and By-Laws

·      Family Retreats and Meetings

·      Philanthropic Planning and Management

·      Conflict Resolution

·      Legacy Trust for Human Capital and Family Values

·      Charitable Giving and Administration

·      Exit Planning

·      Project Management

·      Contingency Management

·      Integrity Agreement

·      Social Media Policies

·      Family Mission Development

·      Heirs Financing Planning Offering

·      Mediation and Arbitration

·      Family Council

·      Family Dynamics Consulting

·      Life Coaching