Planning For Infinity



The first step when becoming a client of our firm is the Preventative Law Analysis or what we call the “gathering stage.”  We work with you and your advisors to obtain all of the information and documentation related to your assets, objectives, human capital, insurance, business(es), and more. 


Next, we implement an integrations program which begins by creating a Legal Architectural Blueprint(s) of your current wealth preservation and business plan to assist in the understanding, analysis and implementation of the plan. 


Step Three is for us to coordinate with your advisors to obtain their concurrence and ideas. As John used to say, “pure gold does not fear the refiners fine!”


Next we formulate our recommendations and propose a wealth preservation plan. Once “the pot is right” or all of the functional components have been finalized, we prepare the documents for signature and circulate the executed copies to the professionals as needed and authorized. Then we celebrate when every loose end is finished.


At this point we design a maintenance plan with a specific timetable and checkpoints to make certain that the wealth preservation stays up to date.  


As your wealth and values evolve, we have a continuing commitment working with the professional team to save you money in taxes and other costs. Also, we will continue to utilize preventative law strategies to avoid any potential challenges by thinking as many moves in advance as possible.