A Global Wealth Preservation legal and business firm that has flourished for over fifty years. It takes a legacy to create a legacy!


GMLL is a Global Wealth Preservation legal, family, and business service firm that has flourished for over 50 years. Our Roundtable of Wealth Preservation Advisors serve our extended family of clients with enthusiasm and creative strategies. GMLL integrates the qualitative and quantitative elements into sustainability, solutions, strategies and specialization for our clients' Wealth Preservation plans. We work closely with our client's existing advisor network to develop and implement innovative wealth and tax strategies. We augment our client's current professional team, consequently we do not replace a client's advisor, but rather we ensure maximum level of collaboration between all advisors involved to ensure there is the greatest benefit for the client. 

GMLL takes pride in the high quality and detail of our client services. We have assembled a team of carefully trained and educated professionals including some of the top experts in the country with more than 50 years of experience who together work closely with our clients to effectively protect their wealth, preserve their financial and human capital assets for the next generations, advise our clients in general business structuring, maintenance and succession planning, avoid or help mitigate the taxable effects of various activities and accomplish unique generational transfers.

 Our goal is to help families and businesses to be successful and to leave a thriving legacy that is supported by their shared vision, values, and talents. As was the tradition of the founder John F. Goodson, GMLL constantly identifies and discovers blue ocean solutions and planning tools to enable our clients to win at the “game” of Wealth Preservation and Preventative Law.

Our motto is “planning for infinity”!

In essence we treat our clients' families like separate and distinct family offices, even if the only "business" the client has after a major liquidation is managing assets and enjoying their wealth. Every family situation is special and understanding the family's brand, objectives, and preferred method of communication is vital to the most successful outcome of the client's Wealth Preservation and Legacy Plan.

3 C’s

1.      Commitment to serve our clients like our extended family.

2.      Commitment to perfect service and products.

3.      Commitment to achieve all promises.